A Year of Holidays: Green Smoothie & Baked French Toast

A review of the Green Smoothie and Baked French Toast from the “New Year’s Day Brunch” section of The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays.

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New Year’s Day Brunch: Green Smoothie & Baked French Toast

20200101_104515What I LOVED about the baked french toast recipe is that I could prepare it the day before and leave it in the fridge overnight, so all I had to do this morning once I finally woke up is pop in the oven!

The only thing is the recipe didn’t say if it’s supposed to be covered or not while in the oven, so I left it covered for the first 45 minutes and then uncovered for another 30 minutes since that’s what most people seemed to do online.

To prep the recipe yesterday, the non-topping ingredients are all whisked together and the bread is ripped up into chunks and put into a greased baking dish.  The ingredients are poured over the bread.  Then the topping is prepped by blending the ingredients together with a pastry cutter and sprinkling over the casserole.  At this point I covered it with aluminum foil and left it in the fridge.

While the french toast baked, about 15 minutes before it was done, I prepared the smoothie by throwing all the ingredients into the blender and blending thoroughly.


Taste: 9/10

Both recipes were delicious!  The french toast was too soft, though, which ultimately made it seem mushy.  Maybe I should have kept the aluminum foil off the entire time instead of just for half the cooking time.

Difficulty: Easy

Both of these recipes were quite simple and straightforward.

Cost: Average

There are a lot of ingredients in both of these recipes, but no individual ingredients is particularly expensive.

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