Fifty Shades of Bacon: Bacon Cheddar Waffle Sandwiches

A review of Bacon Cheddar Waffle Sandwiches from the 50 Shades of Bacon cookbook.

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Bacon Cheddar Waffle Sandwiches

20191230_085823The very first item I made from this cookbook was a request by my husband: Bacon Cheddar Waffle Sandwiches.  He is a HUGE fan of breakfast food, and he could not stop salivating over this one.

The first step is to cook up the bacon and drain it.

20191230_092657The recipe calls for store bought container waffle mix or frozen waffles.  I tried using bisquick, but the mixture was pretty runny and didn’t cook well.  Maybe because it’s been in my cupboard for centuries, and had expired a couple of months ago.  So I ended up cooking up a batch of the Orange is the New Black waffles instead which turned out great!

Then the waffle sandwiches are assembled: waffle, cheddar cheese, bacon, waffle.  The recipe called for a nondescript amount of cheddar cheese per sandwich, so I just loaded it up.  It said only 2 slices of bacon per waffle, but that didn’t seem like enough for a full waffle so I added more.  For a half-waffle, 2 slices is perfect.


Finally, the waffles are popped in the oven until the cheese melts, and served with maple syrup if you’d like.

Taste: 9/10

My husband gives this a full 10/10, but it was just a little too much breakfast food all at once for me.  The cheddar and bacon and waffle of course all taste great together, but I was on the fence about the optional maple syrup.

Difficulty: Easy / Average

You will need to make waffles and cook bacon, but neither is very challenging.  The waffles will depend on which recipe you use – i.e. if you use frozen waffles, this recipe becomes easy but probably won’t taste quite as good as if you were to make your own waffles or use store-bought mix, which will add to the difficulty.

Cost: Average

You’ll need store-bought waffle mix (+ items needed to mix with it) or frozen waffles, cheddar cheese, bacon, and maple syrup.

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