Fifty Shades of Bacon: Bacon Wrapped Maple Chicken & Bacon Pasta Salad

A review of Bacon Wrapped Maple Chicken and Bacon Pasta Salad from the “Fifty Shades of Bacon” cookbook.

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Bacon Wrapped Maple Chicken

This chicken recipe was delightfully easy and delicious!

Each chicken breast is wrapped in 2 slices of bacon, and then put into a baking dish.  Maple syrup, mustard, soy sauce, garlic and sriracha sauce are combined and poured over top.  Then it bakes until cooked through!

Taste: 10/10

We loved this!  I will definitely make it again, it was just so simple and so good.


Difficulty: Easy

This is a very quick and easy dish to throw together!

Cost: Cheap-Average

The cost will depend on what’s already in your fridge and pantry.  You’ll need chicken breasts, maple syrup, dijon mustard, soy sauce, garlic, sriracha sauce, bacon, and salt and pepper.

Bacon Pasta Salad

Be ready to make this dish well in advance!  It needs to stay refrigerated for at least 4 hours before serving.

First, the bacon and the pasta are cooked, and the bacon is prepared as bacon bits.  The onion and celery are chopped, and the carrots shredded.

Then ALL of the ingredients are thrown into a giant bowl, tossed together, covered, and refrigerated until dinner time.20200117_182418

Taste: 8/10

Not bad for a pasta salad, but still not great.

Difficulty: Easy / Average

There is some stove-top cooking (bacon) and some chopping/grating of veggies, but ultimately this is not a very difficult recipe to make.  Mostly it’s just measuring and mixing.

Cost: Average

You will need bacon, spiral pasta, mayonnaise, white sugar, white vinegar, an onion, celery, carrots, salt and pepper.

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