Fifty Shades of Bacon: Spicy Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A review of the Spicy Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich from the Fifty Shades of Bacon cookbook.

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Spicy Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich

20200126_134953Most grilled cheese sandwiches are quick and easy to make, and this one is no different.  The only added item here that slows you down a little is cooking the bacon, but that really doesn’t take too long.

First, the bacon is cooked and drained.  Most of the bacon grease is emptied from the pan, but a little is left behind for flavor.

The instructions say to put the bacon and cheese in the bread first, and then coat the bread in butter, but I’d recommend adding the butter first.  Buttering an already-filled sandwich isn’t as easy.

The sandwich is then cooked in our bacon grease pan on both sides, until golden and delicious!


Taste: 9/10

A better bread would have improved this sandwich, but it was still good.  Plain, bacon-less grilled cheese is still my preference, though!

Difficulty: Easy

This is an easy one to make, and fast too!

Cost: Cheap

All you need is bread, pepper jack cheese, bacon, and butter.

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