A Year of Holidays: Valentine’s Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

A review of Chocolate-Covered Strawberries from the The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays cookbook

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Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Okay, yes.  This post is a few days late.  I had bought all the ingredients to make these over the Valentine’s Day weekend, and then completely forgot to make these until now!

Luckily for me, they’re very fast and easy so I was able to throw them together pretty quickly after work.

First, the chocolate chips are melted either in a double boiler or in the microwave.  I chose microwave because…convenience.  Just make sure you mix the chocolate chips every 10-15 seconds to avoid burning them.  The Pioneer Woman calls for 24 oz. of chocolate chips, but trust me – 12 oz. is more than enough.

The strawberries are then dipped into the chocolate on their side, and rolled to cover.  Then they’re placed on parchment paper to dry, which only takes about 30 min. or so (probably less).

For the white chocolate drizzle, they too are melted in either a double boiler or in the microwave.  Again I chose microwave, and I only melted 6 oz. instead of the 12 oz. she suggests.  And again, I had a lot leftover.

The melted chocolate is put into a pastry bag (ziploc bag in my case, with the end snipped off) and drizzled over the chocolate-covered strawberries for a nice contrasting colors look.

Let that dry (in the fridge), and voila!  All done!


Taste: 10/10

Of course these were amazing!  When have you had chocolate-covered strawberries that weren’t delicious?

Difficulty: Easy

These were really easy and fast to put together.

Cost: Cheap

You will need strawberries, chocolate chips, and white chocolate chips.

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