Fifty Shades of Bacon: Healthy Potato Skins

A review of Healthy Potato Skins from the Fifty Shades of Bacon cookbook.

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Healthy Potato Skins

Potato skins always go over well.  What’s not to like?  Potatoes, cheese, bacon, sour cream…delicious!20200222_174109

The potatoes were cooked first.  Though the recipe did not call for it, I poked holes into the potatoes before putting them in the oven.  Although I do think that the whole “your potato will explode if you don’t poke holes in it” thing is probably a myth, it is still a helpful habit to get into!  It allows the steam to escape, and prevents the potato skin from ripping while baking.

While the potatoes baked, I cooked and chopped up the bacon, chopped the green onion, and grated the cheese.

The potatoes, in my opinion, were not baked long enough.  It was very tough to scoop out the centers, and I had to leave more potato behind in the shell than the recipe says to.  I was afraid the skin would rip otherwise with the amount of force I had to apply to scoop everything out!20200222_175858

The skins are then put back into the oven, upside down, before they’re filled with cheese.  In they go a third time, this time just until the cheese is melted.

And finally, they’re filled up with the remaining ingredients.

What makes these “healthy” you might ask?  The only difference is it uses fat-free sour cream and light cheddar cheese.  I couldn’t find light cheddar cheese, though, so mine literally just swapped out the sour cream.


Taste: 8/10

These were good!  Not the best potato skins I’ve ever had, but still very tasty.

Difficulty: Average20200222_180358

I would love to say these were easy, but getting the insides out of the potatoes was not easy at all.  Everything else, however, was a cinch!

Cost: Average

You will need russet potatoes, light cheddar cheese, fat free sour cream, bacon, green onion, and salt and pepper.

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