Star Wars BB-Ate: Frozen Yogurt Lightsabers

A review of Frozen Yogurt Lightsabers from The Star Wars Cookbook: BB-Ate

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Frozen Yogurt Lightsabers

main-qimg-d492ac766ca4474ea1e29da0ca190eddConsidering ingredients are limited right now, this recipe seemed like the perfect place to start.  All you need is vanilla Greek yogurt and food coloring!

Technically the recipe calls for Greek yogurt, but my husband did the shopping and didn’t read my grocery list thoroughly… I ended up with regular vanilla yogurt.  No matter, it worked just as well!20200319_175650

The yogurt is drained in a fine mesh strainer over a bowl overnight (I started in the morning, so I left it for 8 hours) in the fridge.  The liquid left in the bowl (basically water) is tossed, and the rest is mixed with food coloring in two different bowls – red and blue, of course!  Though the red turned out looking a little more pink than I liked.

The yogurt is laid on plastic wrap, and then carefully folded and wrapped into a long lightsaber shape.  The lightsabers are put on a baking sheet and left in the freezer overnight.

Careful when you unwrap them – on one of mind the plastic wrap got caught in the yogurt crease and you wouldn’t want to eat that!


Taste: 8/10

Tastes like yogurt that’s been frozen…no surprise there!

Difficulty: Easy20200320_060339

The trickiest part is wrapping up the yogurt, but it’s not that tough.  Just be patient.  When I did it, I folded the wrap in half first (which also meant folding the yogurt in half, and then started rolling the wrap around the yogurt length-wise.  Finally, I twisted the edges of the wrap to make sure the yogurt was as compact as possible.

Cost: Cheap

All you need is vanilla yogurt and food coloring!

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