True Blood: Keep From Crumblin’ Sugar Pie

A review of Keep From Crumblin’ Sugar Pie from the True Blood Cookbook.

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Keep from Crumblin’ Sugar Pie by Adele Stackhouse

I actually went into this recipe thinking I was making a pie, but it’s actually more like little pie crusts with cinnamon sugar on them.  The write-up suggests you can do this with any leftover pie crust, which I would recommend doing instead of wasting ingredients with this recipe.

The shortening and sugar are whipped together first, and then dry ingredients and wet ingredients are each mixed in separate bowls.  The dry ingredients and wet ingredients are added  to the shortening / sugar mixture in batches until it’s all combined and you have a dough.

The dough is rolled out and a cookie cutter (or in my case, a round glass) is used to cut out circles from the dough.  It’s then sprinkled with a mixture of cinnamon and sugar before baking.


Taste: 7/10

This is okay, but kind of bland in my opinion.  I kind of wish I was making an actual sugar pie and not just some crust sprinkled with sugar.

Difficulty: Average

As always, you’re working with dough which isn’t necessarily difficult but it’s not easy either.  It might be too dry or stick to the surface you’re rolling it out on, so be careful with how much flour is used in the dough itself and how much flour you spread on your surface before rolling it out.

Cost: Cheap

You’ll need vegetable shortening, sugar, flour, baking powder, milk, eggs, vanilla extract and ground cinnamon.

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