Star Wars BB-Ate: Rebel Pepper Egg Cups

A review of Rebel Pepper Egg Cups from the Star Wars Cookbook: BB-Ate

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Rebel Pepper Egg Cups

RedstarbirdThese pepper egg cups get their name from the Rebel Alliance.  Why?  Because their insignia is red.  Don’t dig too deep.

First, the food needs to be prepped.  The bell peppers are halved, seeded and de-ribbed.  The tomato is diced.  The bacon is cooked and chopped.  And if you’re using a block of cheese instead of pre-shredded, the cheese needs to be shredded.

Now we’re ready to start!

The bell peppers are pre-cooked first.  A step that I completely forgot to do, and which probably would have made their shapes less wonky and difficult to fill.  Lucky for me, they still tasted good without the pre-baking!

The rest of the ingredients are mixed together, and used to fill the bell peppers before they go back into the oven to bake a bit longer, until the egg sets.

My eggs needed about 10 minutes more in the oven than the recipe stated, but part of that could be because they went into cold red bell peppers instead of pre-baked ones.


Taste: 9/10

I really liked this!  The bell peppers were sweet, and the eggs savory.

Difficulty: Easy / Average

The toughest part is preparing the ingredients beforehand, specifically the bell peppers.  If you’re having a kid make this recipe, handle the prep for them in advance so they can focus on the mixing and baking.

Cost: Cheap

You’ll need red bell peppers, eggs, tomato, Monterey Jack cheese, and bacon.

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