Desperate Housewives: Blueberry Crisp

A review of Blueberry Crisp from Bree’s section of the Desperate Housewives Cookbook

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Bree’s Blueberry Crisp

I love a good fruit crisp, and I don’t have a favorite blueberry one yet so I was excited to give this a try…and it’s definitely going to be my “go-to” for blueberry crisp in the future!

The recipe begins with roasting pine nuts in the oven and letting them cool.  While they cool, the berry filling is prepared by mixing all of the filling ingredients (except the butter) together in a bowl and letting them sit, stirring occasionally, until juicy.20200828_200913

While the berries sat I prepared the topping, though this is listed as being done after the berries are already juicy.  All the ingredients are mixed together by hand so that the butter is absorbed into the dry ingredients.

The berries are scraped into a baking dish and dotted with butter, and then the topping is sprinkled on top.  The crisp bakes until the topping is browned and the berries are bubbling.

The hardest part was waiting the 45 minutes for it to cool before digging in!  We made in 30 minutes and then couldn’t wait any longer.


Taste: 10/10

This was sooooo good.  I loved the orange flavor in there, and the pine nuts worked really well.  The topping on a fruit crisp is always my favorite part, and this was no exception!

Difficulty: Easy

This is a pretty simple recipe to make, but you’ll want to watch those pine nuts closely so they don’t burn in the oven.

Cost: Cheap / Average

You’ll need pine nuts, flour, brown sugar, white sugar, butter, cornstarch, an orange, ground ginger (or cinnamon), and of course blueberries.  I found I just needed to buy the fruit and pine nuts.

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