Desperate Housewives: Almond Macaroons

A review of Felicia Tilman’s Almond Macaroons from the Desperate Housewives Cookbook.

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Felicia does offer macaroons at one point to Paul and Zach Young, but I’m having trouble remembering if it’s after she’s caught breaking into their house or after she “accidentally” gave the wrong address to the fumigation people. Either way, she was definitely messing with them at the time!

These are actually not all that difficult to make, but they didn’t turn out like I had expected.

Pretty much everything is thrown together in a food processor and processed until smooth. The mixture is then stored in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours to stiffen.

You can pipe the batter into “star”-like shapes using a pastry bag and star tip, or simply scoop the round balls onto a baking sheet like I did.

Slivers of maraschino cherries and/or a sprinkling of chopped almonds is added to the top of each cookie before they bake.

Taste: 9/10

I was surprised at how much these flattened and just how sticky they were, but the flavor was still very good. I thought they were a bit too chewy and dense, and my husband thought the almond flavor was way too strong. The flavor was about on par with other almond macaroons I’ve had, though.

Difficulty: Average

Making the batter is very easy – just pulse it all together in a food processor. Forming the cookies was more challenging though due to how sticky the batter is, and would have probably required more skill had I used the pastry bag instead of simply scooping rounded tablespoons onto the baking tray.

Cost: Cheap

The most expensive thing you’ll need to buy is the tube of almond paste. Other ingredients include sugar, almonds, cornstarch, and eggs (plus maraschino cherries if you’d like to include them as your topping instead of chopped almonds).

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