Desperate Housewives: Make-Your-Own Sundae (Ice Cream Optional)

A review of “Make-Your-Own Sundae (Ice Cream Optional) from the Edie Britt section of the Desperate Housewives Cookbook.

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This recipe, which will not surprise you is in the “Edie” section of the cookbook, is actually more about how to make a couple of sauces for your sundae. This is just what I needed on a Saturday night while 39 weeks pregnant – give me all the ice cream!!!

I made the “wet walnuts” first, since it doesn’t necessarily need to be warm when you eat it. Sugar and water are brought to a boil, maple syrup is added and cooked for a few minutes, and then walnuts are stirred in.

For the chocolate sauce, simply heat the chocolate and heavy cream until smooth and blended. That’s it!

The ice cream is scooped and topped with your sauce of choice, along with whipped cream, maraschino cherries, sprinkles, or whatever else you enjoy on your sundaes!

It suggests any ice cream will do, so my husband picked up Oreo. I made mine with both sauces and a few maraschino cherries, and my husband did the wet walnuts and whipped cream. Delicious!

Taste: 10/10

Obviously 10/10. It’s ice cream, with delicious sauces on top. What’s not to love? The maple syrup in the walnut sauce adds extra yumminess, and the chocolate sauce stiffens a bit in the ice cream so it’s almost chewy. Loved this!

Difficulty: Easy

Both sauces are very fast and easy to make.

Cost: Cheap

You don’t need to make both sauces, although both are delicious. For the walnut sauce you’ll need sugar, maple syrup and walnuts. For the chocolate sauce you’ll need chocolate and heavy cream. And for the rest – ice cream and your toppings of choice!

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