A Year of Holidays: Pumpkin Pie

A review of Pumpkin Pie from The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays

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Pumpkin Pie

I put off making this pie for years now because pumpkin pie is not my favorite. This year, due to the COVID pandemic, we weren’t able to get together and share food with friends for our usual Thanksgiving feast which meant I was just cooking for two of us. Most of the Pioneer Woman’s recipes in this cookbook are meant to feed a crowd, so Pumpkin Pie it is!

The crust is prepared first, and it’s the same crust used in both the Caramel Apple Pie and the Pecan Pie. I actually made this back in October before my daughter was born in anticipation that I wouldn’t have much time on my hands! The great thing is the dough freezes for months.

Once you’re ready to make the pie, the crust is thawed on the counter before being rolled out. Mine was extremely crumbly, and was when I first prepared the crust in October, so I think I needed to add more water. It fell apart when I was trying to lift it into the pie dish, so I had to re-form it in the pie dish.

The pie filling is extremely easy – just mix all the ingredients together and pour into the crust.

It then cooks until done (no longer jiggling).

Taste: 7/10

Like I said, I’ve never really liked pumpkin pie. This one is good, but still taste like pumpkin of course. The strong flavor of cloves and ginger certainly helps, though!

Difficulty: Easy / Average

The crust is average in difficulty, but the filling is really easy. So if you wanted to just buy a pre-made crust instead of making it then this recipe would be very easy.

Cost: Cheap

Ingredients include pumpkin puree, sweetened condensed milk, eggs, vanilla extract, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, and brown sugar. You will also need a pie crust, which you can either make yourself or purchase pre-made.

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