A Year of Holidays: My Favorite Christmas Cookies

A review of My Favorite Christmas Cookies from the Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays.

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My Favorite Christmas Cookies

This recipe is not only in the “A Year of Holidays” cookbook, but can also be found on The Pioneer Woman’s website here.

The dough is the same recipe used to make her Easter cookies. All the ingredients are combined in the mixer, and then the dough is formed into two discs and refrigerated.

Once ready, the dough is rolled out and cut with cookie cutters. For the coloring on top, egg yolk is mixed with food coloring and painted onto the cookies with a paintbrush. Then the cookies are baked until the glaze sets.

When the cookies are cool, it’s ready to ice them! I actually froze my cookies first, and then thawed them and finished icing them at my parents’ place. The icing ingredients are combined and piped onto the cookies through a pastry bag or, if you’re like me, a ziploc with the tip snipped off. The icing adds outlines and details to the cookies.

Taste: 10/10

These were delicious cookies! The Pioneer Woman calls them a sugar cookie, but to me they are much softer and tastier than the usual sugar cookie. And the little bit of orange zest is delicious in there!

Difficulty: Average

I did find the dough a bit challenging to work with, since it was a bit crumbly and cracked easily when I rolled it out. Other than that, this was a fairly simple recipe to make. Just time-consuming to color and decorate!

Cost: Cheap / Average

This has a lot of common ingredients, so you may not need to purchase much at all. If you do, the ingredients are fairly cheap.

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