A Year of Holidays: Ring in the New Year Cocktail Party (Part 2)

A review of “Sweet and Savory Bacon Crackers” and “Champagne Cocktails” from The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays cookbook.

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Ring in the New Year Cocktail Party (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

Phew – 2020 is almost over! Of course this year we are ringing in the New Year alone in our apartment, so I didn’t go crazy with the food. Instead, I just made The Pioneer Woman’s Champagne Cocktails and her Sweet and Savory Bacon Crackers. You can find the recipe for the bacon crackers here, but will need to purchase the cookbook for the champagne recipe!

I made the bacon crackers first, since they need 2 hours in the oven. The recipe is simple – just put parmesan cheese on some crackers and brown sugar on the others, and then wrap in bacon before baking in the oven.

When we were ready to start our own little celebration, I made the cocktails – a mix of champagne, liqueur and some berries for garnish.

Taste: 8/10 for the Champagne Cocktails, 7/10 for the Sweet Bacon Crackers, and 10/10 for the Savory Bacon Crackers

The champagne cocktails were pretty good! They had a nice fruity flavor, and were definitely an upgrade from regular champagne. My husband doesn’t like champagne at all and still didn’t love this, but he thought this was better than plain champagne.

We LOVED the savory bacon crackers. How can you go wrong with cheese and bacon? The sweet bacon crackers were good as well, though not nearly as delicious. My husband didn’t even want to try them but ended up saying they were actually pretty good.

Difficulty: Easy

Both recipes were super easy. For the bacon crackers, you just pour some parmesan or brown sugar on top and then wrap in bacon, and for the champagne you simply pour everything in to a glass!

Cost: Cheap for the Bacon Crackers & Expensive for the Champagne Cocktails

The bacon crackers require bacon, crackers, and parmesan cheese and/or brown sugar. Not expensive at all! But for the champagne cocktails you’ll need champagne and liqueur, both of which can be quite costly. That being said, we’re ringing in the New Year so you’d probably be buying some booze anyway!

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