Modern Family: Manny’s Pina Delgado

A review of Manny’s Pina Delgado from The Modern Family Cookbook

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Manny’s Pina Delgado

Manny: Can I offer you a Pina Delgado? It’s my own concoction.
Joyce: What’s in it?
Manny: Let’s just say it’s cool. It’s sweet. And it’s not afraid to embrace it’s own whimsy.

– Season 4, Episode 11

This is yet another easy recipe from The Modern Family Cookbook, but you’ll want to start at least an hour before you’re serving the drinks.

I did have to substitute two ingredients. The first item I couldn’t find is the pineapple-orange juice, so instead of 1.5 cups of that I used 3/4 cup of pineapple juice and 3/4 cup of orange juice. The second item was vanilla frozen yogurt. I know, crazy! I used ice cream instead of frozen yogurt since it was the closest.

The banana is chopped, tossed with lemon juice and then popped in the freezer until frozen. After that, just toss everything in the blender and blend!

Taste: 9/10

This was really delicious and very smooth! It might be a little different with the ingredients that I had to substitute, but I thought it had too much orange juice.

Side note – this would be amazing with rum!

Difficulty: Easy

This is extremely easy to throw together!

Cost: Average

You’ll need banana, lemon juice, mango, pineapple-orange juice, vanilla frozen yogurt, and coconut extract.

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