Modern Family: Mitchell’s All-White-Meat Chicken Shawarma

A review of Mitchell’s All-White-Meat Chicken Shawarma from the Modern Family Cookbook

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Mitchell’s All-White-Meat Chicken Shawarma

Mitchell: We love our neighborhood. But sometimes the last thing you wanna do after fighting traffic is get back in the car to go out to heat – and the only restaurant within walking distance is Shawarma City.
– Season 2, Episode 13

So far all of the Modern Family recipes I’ve tried have been surprisingly easy, and this is no exception!

Note that you will need pre-cooked and shredded rotisserie chicken for this recipe. I used one of those already-cooked roast chickens they sell at the grocery store and shredded it in advance. I admit it was not all white meat, but I didn’t mind at all!

For the sauce tahini, water, garlic, lemon juice, and yogurt are all combined in a blender. The sauce is supposed to be thick, but the tahini I bought was more runny than usual. Regardless, this was still very tasty!

For the meat, sliced onion and poblano pepper are mixed with oil and cumin. This is cooked first until soft, and then the chicken and chopped parsley are added and cooked until heated through.

The meat is served on warm pitas along with the sauce and, if you’d like, chopped tomato and lettuce (I left the tomato and lettuce out).

Taste: 10/10

We loved this recipe, and I loved that it was so easy! The meat was tasty and seasoned well, and the sauce was delicious. I think this will become a regular meal in our house!

Difficulty: Easy

You’ll need to slice up some veggies and shred the chicken, but nothing too challenging at all.

Cost: Average

You’ll need tahini, garlic, lemon juice, Greek yogurt, onion, poblano pepper, cumin, rotisserie chicken breast, and pita bread.

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