Modern Family: Manny’s French Toast Sticks

A review of Manny’s French Toast Sticks from The Modern Family Cookbook.

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Manny’s French Toast Sticks

Jay: And what are you drinking coffee for anyway?”
Manny: It’s my culture. I’m Colombian.
Jay: Oh yeah? What part of Colombia are those French toaster sticks from?

Season 1, Episode 5

This is a pretty basic french toast recipe, but it does have a fun strawberry sauce to put on top!

For the french toast, the bread is cut into strips and then dipped in a combination of egg, vanilla, cinnamon and milk before cooking over the stove.

The sauce ingredients are simply blended together in a food processor. Nice and easy!

Taste: 8/10

I loved the strawberry “syrup” on these, but the toast was too soft. French toast is best when made with stale bread.

Difficulty: Easy

This is a quick and easy breakfast item to throw together!

Cost: Cheap

You’ll need eggs, vanilla, cinnamon, milk, Italian bread, maple syrup, and strawberries.

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