Modern Family: Manny’s Soft-Boiled Eggs

A review of Manny’s Soft-Boiled Eggs from The Modern Family Cookbook.

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Manny’s Soft-Boiled Eggs

Manny: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What is this? Where’s my soft-boiled egg?
Gloria: I scrambled it. It’s good for your to try new things.
Manny: I don’t wanna try new things. You can’t just spring this on me.
Gloria: I have got bad news, Manny. This is not the biggest curve ball that life is going to throw at you.
– Season 2, Episode 18

This is basically a step-by-step on how to boil a soft-boiled egg. It’s not a fun, exciting recipe, but it is specific about what steps to take.

Taste: 9/10

The flavor is just egg. Nothing crazy exciting. I left the eggs in for the longest time suggested in the recipe, and while two of the eggs cooked perfectly, two were a little under-cooked with the whites being runny as well. None of them peeled very well.

Difficulty: Average

It’s not hard to boil eggs, but I’m rating this average because I was unable to peel these eggs well once they were done.

Cost: Cheap

All you need is eggs, and some salt and pepper to serve with it.

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