Necronomnomnom: Herbert West’s Deanimator

A review of Herbert West’s Deanimator from the Necronomnomnom Cookbook.

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Herbert West’s Deanimator

“Herbert West – Reanimator” is one of Lovecraft’s short stories, about raising the dead…zombies!!! So it’s appropriate that the drink is bright green!

The recipe does call for specific limoncello, but without leaving my home I was only able to have one type delivered. I think the drink would have been a deeper green had I used the “Limoncello Santorini” as called for, but it was still a great color. It also calls for a specific vodka, though I’m not sure if that would make much of a difference other than quality.

The recipe just requires adding alcohol to your glass in the following order: limoncello, St. Germain, Blue Curacao, and then Vodka.

They suggest serving this in test tubes, syringes, or flasks, but we’re in the process of moving so all my fun stuff was packed away. I just used regular glasses.

Taste: 7/10

I didn’t use their specific limoncello and vodka, so it’s possible this could have been better than what I’m rating it. I think the vodka might have been more for taste, and limoncello for color if I’m guessing. It’s a very strong drink, but still quite good! Mostly it tastes like the limoncello.

Difficulty: Easy

Just pour everything into a glass (or test tub/syringe/flask) and enjoy!

Cost: Expensive

You’ll need Limoncello Santorini, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, blue curacao, and VDKA 6100. All together, that’s one expensive drink!

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