Cookbook Review – The Necronomnomnom

A final review of “The Necronomnomnom: Recipes and Rites from the Lore of H. P. Lovecraft” cookbook.

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This was a fun cookbook to work through, and I’m excited to continue testing some of the wacky and fun recipes in this book! It did have a few minor issues, but nothing that would turn me off the cookbook for good.

The recipe instructions are mostly easy to follow with a few exceptions…if you look in the back of the book that is, and not if you follow the main recipe pages. It would have been nice if they had included those page numbers for the translated recipes in the table of contents as well so I didn’t always have to go flipping through until I found it. Some recipes were easier to make than others. I found a few meals challenging, and I had trouble layering the drinks.

I also noticed some ingredients were listed differently in the main recipe page vs. the translated pages, for example the Atlach-Nachos should be made with both tortilla chip cups and rounds, but the translated recipe says tortilla chip cups or tortilla chip rounds. And while the photos were definitely helpful to look at it some recipes to figure out what exactly they were describing, I found the most helpful photos were on the main recipe pages and not on the translated pages so I ended up flipping back and forth between the two a lot.

Most of the recipes were either average or expensive in cost, with just a few being on the cheaper side. Drinks in particular were more costly, requiring multiple specific types of alcohol.

Some recipes required you serve your food or drink in particular vessels, like the The Custard Out of Space in a glass bowl or Herbert West’s Deanimator in a syringe or test tube or flask. This is just for aesthetics so it’s okay to go without. A couple of the recipes require a slow cooker as well, which would be required for these particular recipes.

These are parody recipes, so they’re not actually from Lovecraft’s stories but meant to look or sound like his characters, locations, etc. For the most part they did a great job of this. My favorite recipe appearances were the Atlach-Nachos, Shogghoulash, Yogsicles, and Moon-Beast Pies.

But my favorite recipes to eat for flavor were the following:

Honorary Mention: I LOVED the pulled pork recipe in Wilbur Whateley’s Dunwich Sandwich, but the bread and pickles downgraded it for me.

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