Modern Family: Luke and Phil’s Doughnut Waffle Sundaes

A review of Luke and Phil’s Doughnut Waffle Sundae from The Modern Family Cookbook

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Luke and Phil’s Doughnut Waffle Sundaes

While this recipe is not actually in the show (as far as I remember), it definitely sounds like something Luke and Phil would cook up together!

Some bacon is cooked up first, and the pecans are toasted in the bacon grease. Maple syrup is then warmed up and the bacon and pecans are mixed in.

I only cooked the pecans for half the amount of time the recipe stated and they burned, so use your best judgement rather than following the time exactly.

Doughnuts are pressed in a waffle maker brushed with bacon grease (although I was out of bacon grease, so skipped this step), topped with ice cream, and covered in the bacon/pecan syrup.


Taste: 10/10

This is just as good as it sounds! I didn’t even taste the burned pecans, and while I had my doubts I actually didn’t mind the bacon addition at all!

Difficulty: Average

You really need to keep an eye on those pecans, and you don’t want to overcook the doughnut in the waffle maker either.

Cost: Average

You’ll need bacon, pecan halves, maple syrup, glazed doughnuts and vanilla ice cream.

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