The Walking Dead: Crème de Pêche (aka Homemade Peach Schnapps)

A review of the Crème de Pêche recipe from The Walking Dead Cookbook.

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Crème de Pêche (aka Homemade Peach Schnapps)

20180223_192005This recipe took weeks to make, because it required the peaches to sit in vodka for quite a while.

It was really easy to make, though, even though it took a long time!

Step 1: Slice up a ton of peaches and pour vodka over top.  Let steep for up to 1 week.

Step 2: Make the syrup, cool, and combine with the peach vodka.  Store in fridge until ready to drink.

And that’s it.20180317_190145

I was a little worried while watching the peaches soak in the vodka for a week.  The peach slices at the top weren’t quite covered by the vodka and started to go brown.

Later, when we were ready to drink the schnapps, it was clearly darker on the top then the bottom.  I thought this might be because of those browning peaches, but it didn’t seem to actually affect the flavor at all.

We didn’t love this, though.  It tasted very sweet, and a little watered down.


Taste: 6/10

It wasn’t very flavorful.  The peach was barely there, and it tasted like it was watered down (probably from the syrup).  Not a very strong drink, either.  My husband though it was too sweet and wasn’t able to finish his.

Difficulty: Easy20180317_190401

This one is really easy to make, it just takes a long time.

Cost: Expensive

You need to purchase an entire bottle of vodka for this one, and tons of peaches.  It’s the vodka that really drives price, though.


I would use fewer peaches, because the ones at the top weren’t covered by the vodka and started to turn brown.  Use just enough peaches to sit under the surface of the vodka.  You could even leave the peaches in longer in this case, and hopefully more of the peach flavor would get absorbed into the vodka.

Personally I would also reduce the amount of syrup to add, or eliminate it altogether.  I think the syrup is the reason it tasted watered down.

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