A Feast of Ice and Fire: Breakfast in Dorne

A review of Breakfast in Dorne from the A Feast of Ice and Fire cookbook

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Breakfast in Dorne

“They broke their fast on honeycakes baked with blackberries and nuts, gammon steaks, bacon, fingerfish crisped in breadcrumbs, autumn pears, and a Dornish dish of onions, cheese, and chopped eggs cooked up with fiery peppers.” – A Storm of Swords

To be honest, I wasn’t very excited for this recipe.  Peppers are okay, but they’re not my favorite vegetable.  They are quite common in Dorne, though, so this breakfast definitely makes sense for the location!20180407_090322

Though it did take a lot of time to chop all of those peppers, the recipe itself was very simple to make.

The peppers and onion were sauteed in oil and then steamed…with an ice cube, which I thought was weird.  Anyone ever steamed veggies over the stove with an ice cube before?  This was new to me!

20180407_092109Once the peppers were done, they were removed and kept warm while I started on the eggs.

Minced onion and pepper were added to the pan, and after about a minute the eggs were poured in as well.  Cheese was added to the top before I scrambled it all together.

It all tasted pretty good, and not nearly as spicy as I thought it was going to be, but did not top my list of favorites.

Taste: 8/10

If you are a big fan of peppers, then you’ll love this!  I’m not, though, so the breakfast was good but not great in my opinion.

It’s not really all that spicy, despite the numerous different peppers used.  I think it’s because half the peppers were bell peppers, and the other half may have lost some of their heat while cooking.


Difficulty: Easy

Once the peppers and onion are chopped, it’s just a matter of heating everything up over the stove.

Cost: Average

I had to buy A LOT of peppers for this dish, so that’s where most of the cost went.  The rest was eggs, onion, and cheese, which I already had on hand.


Feel free to switch up the types of peppers used – in fact, the recipe suggests you do!  They also say, though, to definitely include some bell peppers in there.

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