True Blood: Last Rites Pecan Pie

A review of Last Rites Pecan Pie from the True Blood Cookbook.

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Last Rites Pecan Pie by Tara Thornton

Even though the recipe claims it’s written by Tara Thornton, this should be a recipe submitted by Gran/Adele Stackhouse.  She is, after all, the one who made the pie in the show.

Spoiler Alert!  Here is the heartbreaking scene where Sookie eats Gran’s entire pecan pie, after Gran’s funeral:

The pecan pie was VERY easy to make.  If you wanted to make your own crust from scratch it would obviously take a bit more effort, but the ingredients claimed the crust could be either homemade or store-bought.  Of course I went the easy route and bought a pre-made Marie Calendar crust.

I didn’t cook the pie long enough.  That one’s on me.  I even googled to see when I know the pie is ready, and I still took it out too early (45 min. as per instructions, but it probably could’ve used another 5-10 minutes).  I wasn’t entirely sure what was considered “too jiggly,” and obviously miscalculated.20180124_221443

It was a little bit runny in the middle, but that did not affect taste at all.  It was DELICIOUS!  I would make this again, and just cook it a bit longer the next time.

Taste: 10/10

It didn’t even matter to us that it was under-cooked.  We devoured that pie!

20180124_221052Difficulty: Easy

Easy as pie!  Another one of these recipes where you mix it all together, throw it in a pot (or in this case, into a crust), and cook.  Just be sure the pie is cooked all the way through before removing from the oven!

Cost: Minimal

A lot of the items are things people already have in their pantry/fridge – eggs, sugar, flour, vanilla.  I only had to buy dark corn syrup, pecans and the pie crust.


Just make sure that the pie is cooked all the way through.  There are plenty of websites that describe how to tell if it needs more time.  It should apparently move like Jell-O, and not like a “wave” when you jiggle it.

Also, a homemade pie crust would probably improve this recipe’s taste even further!


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