Orange is the New Black: Poussey’s Hooch

A review of Poussey’s Hooch from the Orange is the New Black cookbook.

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Poussey’s Hooch

Throughout the first few seasons, there are references to Poussey’s hooch.  The most notable scene is, of course, when she rejects Vee’s offer of selling her hooch, and instead decides to continue sharing with her friends at no cost.


Poussey was another favorite of mine, and I was really sad to see her leave the show…I’m not going to say what happened or why she left, just in case some of you aren’t caught up yet!20180629_222516

So the hooch was really easy: mixing moonshine with various add-ons.  There are actually 5 recipes total in this one section, and I tried all five!

Obviously you can’t buy real moonshine at the local Bevmo since it’s basically any illegal liquor, but I was directed to what is apparently considered “legal” moonshine: Clear Corn Whiskey.

Hardcore Hooch: 7/10

I started with this one, which is pure moonshine.  It was definitely very strong (40%), but not as terrible as I was expecting!  It does taste kind of like corn, but mixed with tequila and whiskey.

20180629_223935Ginger Beer Hooch: 8/10

This was my personal favorite of the recipes.  It includes moonshine, ginger beer, and lime.  The ginger is really strong, so it overcomes the powerful moonshine flavor nicely.



20180629_223252Cola Hooch: 7/10

This one was okay, but I’d add more cola next time.  It was just moonshine, cola, and lime.



20180629_222811Missing Screwdriver Hooch: 6/10

I didn’t like really this one, but I’m not a huge fan of screwdrivers either.  It was just moonshine and orange juice.




20180629_223632Slammer Slammer: 8/10

This one was moonshine and fruit punch, and it was second place for me.  The sweetness of the fruit juice covers a lot of the moonshine taste.

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