Orange is the New Black: Chang’s Sticky-Fingers Movie Night Popcorn Balls

A review of Chang’s Sticky-Fingers Movie Night Popcorn Balls from the Orange is the New Black Cookbook.

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Chang’s Sticky-Fingers Movie Night Popcorn Balls

I don’t think this recipe is in the show, but in Season 3 Episode 6, we do see Chang making some sort of balls in a microwave out of Fritos, peas, and water…which I think is pretty ingenious!


Since Friday is usually our movie night, I decided this was the perfect time to put these popcorn balls together!

20180721_143604One of the ingredients is pre-popped popcorn, so don’t forget to make the popcorn ahead of time!

In a saucepan, the butter, honey, and salt are combined, melted, and briefly boiled.  Then vanilla is stirred in.

The mixture is then poured over the popcorn, which is spread onto a baking sheet, and the popcorn is carefully mixed to be completely coated.

Next, the popcorn goes into the oven for about 25 minutes, stirring every 5, until the liquid just starts to dry.

This is where my popcorn got messed up.  At the 20-minute mark, when I took the popcorn out to stir it, it was burnt.


I let the popcorn cool for a few minutes until I could handle it, and then covered my hands in butter and went to work.  But because the liquid was too dry, I was only able to get one ball to stay together…and even that fell apart once it cooled.

At the end of the day, this recipe was a big fat fail for me.  So much for our movie-night popcorn!

The one popcorn ball I managed to stick together, and even that fell apart once it cooled.

Taste: 7/10

Most of the popcorn was burnt, but I was able to try a few non-burnt pieces.  They were good, but nothing special.

Difficulty: Challenging

Everything leading up to the oven was average difficulty, but once the popcorn is in the oven you need to watch it like a hawk!

It’s tough to tell when it’s done, too, if you’ve never made these before.  To me the liquid still looked mostly liquid when I stirred it at the 15 minute mark, and five minutes later the whole thing had gone to hell!

Cost: Cheap

There aren’t many ingredients to this recipe: popcorn, butter, honey, and vanilla extract.


Don’t cook the popcorn on a baking sheet like it says.  You’re going to have to mix the popcorn, so on a flat surface it VERY easily falls over the sides and into the bottom of your oven.

After the 15 minute mark, start keeping a very close eye on your popcorn to make sure it doesn’t burn and the liquid doesn’t get too dry.

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