Fifty Shades of Bacon: Beefy Bacon Chili

A review of Beefy Bacon Chili from the Fifty Shades of Bacon Cookbook

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Beefy Bacon Chili

For this delicious recipe, start by cooking the bacon and browning the ground beef (separately).  They don’t include this step in the recipe, but you’ll want to crumble the bacon once it’s cooked.

Onions, garlic and jalapeno are cooked over the stove, and then blended in a blender with canned stewed tomatoes.

In a large pot, the bacon, burger, beans, and chili powder are mixed together.  It doesn’t say whether or not to drain the beans, so I left mine undrained.

The tomato mixture if added and the whole thing if left to simmer over the stove.  About 15 minutes before dinner time, milk is mixed in and the mixture continues to heat over the stove.

We ate ours with rice – yummy!


Taste: 10/10

This was amazing, especially for such a simple recipe!  To be honest I didn’t really taste the bacon, as the chili powder overtook the flavor, but as a whole this was a really tasty meal and went great with rice.

Difficulty: Easy

There is some prep work involved – chopping and dicing veggies, cooking bacon, measuring ingredients – but nothing complex.  The great thing is that this is left on the stove to cook on its own for about an hour with no effort required by you other than making sure it doesn’t bubble over!

Cost: Average

You’ll need ground beef (what they call “hamburger” in the ingredient list), bacon, stewed tomatoes, onion, garlic, jalapeno, canned chili beans, chili powder, and milk.

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