True Blood: Brujo Burger

A review of Lafayette’s Brujo Burger from the True Blood Cookbook

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Brujo Burger by Lafayette Reynolds

This burger is almost a veggie burger…until bacon is added on top. The recipe is supposedly submitted by Lafayette, who cooks this for his boyfriend Jesus, a brujo, hence the recipe name.

Boiling water is poured over top of bulgur wheat and salt, and left to absorb. While that happens, I chopped up mushrooms, onions, and pecans, and roasted the pecans. When the bulgur wheat is ready, extra water is drained out.

The mushrooms and onions are sauteed, and then vinegar is added to the pot. It’s cooked until the vinegar is absorbed / evaporated.

The pecans and veggies are tossed in a food processor and pulsed a few times until mixed. Then egg and the bulgur wheat are added in and it’s pulsed again. This is all then mixed with bread crumbs, seasoned with cayenne and Tabasco (don’t be stingy with the Tabasco! other wise this would taste a bit bland), and formed into burger patties.

The burgers are cooked in a skillet over the stove, served on buns, and topped with bacon!

Taste: 8/10

The burger was a little dry, but with the Tabasco sauce mixed in and the bacon on top it was a very good “veggie” burger!

Difficulty: Average

There’s nothing too difficult about these burgers, but it was a little challenging getting the patties to stick together and they did crumble a bit in the pan while cooking.

Cost: Average

You’ll need bulgur wheat, white button mushrooms, yellow onion, balsamic vinegar, pecans, an egg, dry bread crumbs, cayenne pepper, tabasco sauce, whole-wheat hamburger buns, and bacon.

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